Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Vacation Ideas from Resort Members Association

Vacation ideas can vary based on whether the trip to be taken includes a family, friends or is for a couple only. So, based on the needs, vacation and travel advisors offer various deals. Whatever be the motivation or need behind the trip, resorts are always a great place to unwind and relax.

A resort can help transform a low budget family outing into a high end holiday in no time. Packed with several amenities and striving to please the customers to the utmost, resorts really go out of their way in providing good deals for those who love travelling. The trip's worth increases manifold if the resort is located in an exotic location, has a beach nearby or is set in the hills and highlands. With breathtaking scenery soothing the senses, the charm and comfort of a resort can make your holiday a truly memorable and pleasurable one. Several resorts, famous or quaint, offer specialties to their resort members. These members can avail discounts, get freebies, massages, spa therapy, etc. Ski resorts and resorts that favor sports and other such activities even provide lessons for beginners as well. Invitation to privileged parties, celebrations, buffets, dances, balls, etc can even be included in the amenities offered to resort members. Availability of room service at any time, availability of rooms at all times, membership of golf club, polo club, squash club, volleyball club, basketball club, etc can even be privileges of resort members. Getting free gourmet dinners, passes to visit local sights, coupons for shopping, etc can even be the added advantages.

With more and more resorts offering amazing deals and world class amenities, being a member of a resort can help you create the perfect getaway at low costs. This can be like an investment in a retreat or in rest and relaxation that can help rejuvenate your mind and body.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Travel Blog Review :

In this post we will be discussing Boomer Travel Blog. This is a great site for seniors and baby boomers who are interested in travel and anyone else who is interested in travel. The author of this blog is Boyd Lemon, he is the author of a couple books too so you can be sure he understands how to write. One great thing about this blog is it provides genuine travel advice and reviews. Lemon does not discuss anything that he has not personally experienced so you know these reviews are trustworthy and acurate. You will not find paid or sponsored reviews on this blog, only legitimate descriptions of places the author has visited first hand. While the site is titled in a way that suggests these posts and reviews are intended for senior or baby boomer travelers and vacationers this site really is a great resource for travellers of all ages. If you are interested in learning more about traveling from a blog that produces well written and true posts then this is the site for you!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Tip From Resort Members Association

Here is a quick tip that all members of resorts or timeshare owners should be familiar with. When it comes to your vacation ownership it is important to make sure you are not being taken advantage of.

One of the most common schemes that targets timeshare owners and other resort members involves listing companies. These are somewhat unscrupulous websites that market a service to timeshare owners to help them get rid of or sell their timeshares. While a service like the one described is certainly in demand the one that is most often offered is not exactly as helpful. The majority of vacation property or timeshare listing companies do not offer a viable solution for owners to get help in selling or simply getting rid of a timeshare or vacation property contract.

With these exit solutions owners and resort members are more often than not left waiting for someone to take their timeshare off their hands. Unfortunately that someone never comes because these listing website companies provide little to no marketing for those who pay to post their vacation property on the site. Months will go by and the owners will simply dish out the monthly listing fee over and over with not so much as a nibble on their vacation property that is listed for sale.

Technically these listing sites are not doing anything illegal but what they promote as an option for timeshare owners or resort members to get out is simply unscrupulous. By encouraging vacationers to list their timeshares on unknown websites, even if just for a small fee, they are preying on people who are in need of help. Taking advantage of people when they are in need is something to be ashamed of and these listing websites know all too well that they are charging owners for next to nothing.

So if you are a resort member or timeshare owner, this association wants to make sure you know just what the listing companies are.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

An Association of Resort Members

So what can an association of resort members do for you? This is probably the first question you will ask yourself in regards to Resort Members Association. Well first off, you will be able to benefit from the collective knowledge of all resort members, without any resort marketing mixed in. An association the does not include the input of resorts will ensure that all information is unbiased and trustworthy. Wouldn't it be nice to hear from fellow resort vacationers about all the new and upcoming resorts? And wouldn't it be amazing to know what resorts are way crummier than what they seem like online or in your travel brochure? By obtaining vacation information from an association of vacationers you can be sure that everything will be the kind of first hand information you want and need before you leave home.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Internet Vacationing

Have you ever taken a vacation over the internet? This might seem like a ridiculous question when you think about it literally. Obviously spending an entire vacation online would sort of eliminate the point of taking a vacation, not to mention it would be a pretty lame vacation. But spending your vacation online is not what we are talking about. At Resort Members Association we think it is a great idea to spend some time vacationing online, before you actually go on vacation.

This is a great idea for more than one reason. By spending time online prior to your actual vacation you can decide exactly where you want to go for your vacation and have confidence that you will enjoy yourself. Surprises are not for everyone, when you show up to your 4 star resort and realize that those stars are not quite as bright as you had expected it can be a real downer. Unmet expectations can practically ruin your entire trip! Of course for some people the unknown factors in their vacation are what really make it a trip to remember. For these people it is still a great idea to spend time on the web first for another reason.

The costs of a trip are almost always a major consideration for vacationers. When you take the time to search online you will more often than not find discounts for just about every aspect of your trip, even if you only intend to plan for where you will be vacationing saving on travel expenses is always great. And when you search online you can be sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. You may even learn about something new that you are really interested in that ends up making your vacation unforgettable!

Going online and doing research on your prospective vacations can help in so many ways. Whether it be just to save on the costs of your trip, learning more about your next destination so you are more prepared and know what to expect or finding something new that you never even knew about. Spending time vacationing online is a great habit and should be a serious consideration before your next trip, Resort Members Association highly advocates this simple and effective practice.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

U.S. Vacations, More Than Many Expect

  People can often underestimate the adventure that awaits them in taking vacations in the U.S. Sure, people think about going to Orlando to hit some overpriced theme parks. People consider the big stuff like Mt. Rushmore or the Grand Canyon. But many forget all of the wonders that are off of the beaten path.

With a few minutes on the internet, you could be amazed at the hidden treasures that await you. Are you skeptical? Do you imagine that you need to cross an ocean for exotic vacations or to find awe inspiring sights that will simply blow your mind?

The answer is an emphatic "No!"

Let's take a look at a couple destinations you may have never thought of.

Have you ever seen the glory of the mountains in northern Montana? Montana is one of the least inhabited states in the country. In fact, Ted Turner owns a pretty huge portion of it. But Montana is home to some of the most crystal clear lakes, most breath taking valleys and glorious mountains that you'll ever lay your eyes on. That statement doesn't simply apply to the U.S., but anywhere on the planet.

How about the Ozarks. A treasure trove of hidden caverns and secret resorts are tucked away in the mountains of Arkansas. You'll find some of the most private getaways around here, with countless opportunities to boat off on slow moving creeks and rivers the crevices cut out by Mother Nature.

None of this is to mention the rich history of these areas. The South, in general is filled with heart-breaking tales of wars gone by. Battles one and lost are waiting to tell their tales to you and your families. There are some areas in Tennessee and Mississippi that have signs posted around to guide you through where many a soldier had tread on foot, likely to their death.

But maybe the South, fried food and BBQ just aren't your thing. That's fine. There's more to America than the South. Take upstate New York for that matter. The Adirondacks have been all but forgotten by the youth of America. These great and stunning ranges are filled with stories and art. Some of the most amazing homes ever built are lying on its rivers.

And if you go further north you'll be blown away by the coastline of Maine and New England as a whole. In fact, few are aware that Maine has more coastline to explore than any other states in the Union. Lighthouses, fishing villages and so much more will greet you with their small town hospitality and true ocean living.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. Traveling the U.S. has adventures to last a lifetime. All that you have to do is pick a direction and drive.

Travelling in the U.S

America is filled with wonderful destinations worthy of exploration. Though it's difficult, you’ll have to narrow your choices down to the place that you think will be the most entertaining for your family. You might take them to a desert oasis or a mountain hideaway, but one of the best spots for vacations is along the shore. If you’re looking for an ideal combination of sun, surf and things to do, take a look at San Diego.

Visitors to San Diego today would find it difficult to believe that this was once the sleepy little naval station that America’s Pacific Fleet began calling home in 1919. Today, San Diego is crammed with nightclubs, fun eateries and theme parks. In addition, there are miles of gorgeous beaches and several cultural attractions as well. This is definitely a place where visitors can craft vacations of a lifetime.

Whether you are traveling with young children, teenagers or just the two of you, San Diego holds plenty of allure. It’s the home of the world famous San Diego Zoo where visitors have an opportunity to view some 4,000 exotic creatures. One of its headlining exhibits includes giant pandas. In fact, the San Diego Zoo is one of only four in the nation that counts these rare animals among its collection. If you’re traveling with small children, you won’t want to bypass the Children’s Zoo with its adorable animal nursery.

San Diego is also an excellent destination if you’re fascinated by history. Travel to nearby Point Loma, where you’ll find a statue of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, who arrived on the site in 1542. In addition to the statue, you’ll be treated to amazing views, the potential for spotting migrating gray whales and an 1855 lighthouse. The city’s excellent Maritime Museum is another worthwhile stop where you can explore diverse vessels and learn all about the hazards of earning a living on the ocean. The Old Town State Historic Park lets you step into a San Diego that no longer exists. Both reconstructed and original structures give visitors a chance to see what the city was like in 1871.

One of San Diego’s finest hotels is also a tourist attraction in its own right. The Hotel Del Coronado has been used as the backdrop for movies and television shows, but it was a popular destination long before the advent of these technologies. The hotel was completed in 1888. Since then, it has hosted movie stars, heads of state and important personages from around the world. If the rooms seem a tad pricey, at least journey out to the Hotel Del to walk the grounds, enjoy lunch and peruse the picture gallery. It’s a quintessential San Diego experience you’ll never forget.

In a country that’s full of memorable vacation destinations, San Diego is among the best with its dependably sunny weather, laid back attitude and wealth of fun and informative attractions.